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Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty for your Google Pixel Phones

You've just bought a new Pixel phone, right? Would you like to extend your warranty? If you are a proud Pixel owner, you will always take care to repair your expensive phone. Despite Google Pixel phones being known for their durability, mechanical failures can still occur. In addition to providing warranty support for the first year, Repair-my ™ Pixel also provides extended support for the second year. In the event of malfunctions or hardware breakdowns, the extended warranty covers them both. It is cashless and hassle-free, and we provide free pickup and delivery services throughout India. Extending the warranty on your phone makes financial sense since diagnosing, repairing, or replacing parts of the phone can be costly. We offer protection plans that can help you save money if the need arises.

Even smart and efficient appliances are susceptible to breakdowns, normal wear and tear, and failures. Although Google Pixel only provides warranty support for a year, warranty coverage isn't always enough. We tend to use such expensive phones for more than a year, so why not extend the warranty and be tension-free and relaxed?

Benefits of Extended Warranty

It's a smart financial move

The expenses of diagnosing, repairing, or replacing your Google Pixel might be significant. Should the need arise, our protection policies can save you money.

A longer-lasting phone

Even the most advanced, intelligent, and efficient technologies are susceptible to malfunctions, regular wear and strain, and failure.

The Google Pixel's warranty is never adequate.

These expensive Pixel phones tend to last longer than a year. The Pixel is our pride and joy, so why settle for a one-year warranty?

Extened Warranty Features

  • Increases the life of your mobile phone by extending the brand warranty.
  • *Free pan India Pick Repair Drop service.
  • As with our standard 1-year warranty, it covers all mechanical failures, malfunctions, and breakdowns
  • Guaranteed repair or replacement. We will replace it if it cannot be repaired.
  • The purchased device is not broken and is in working condition without any past service history, before the plan purchase.
  • Hassle-free services, Simply contact us and relax. There will be no more scurrying around when your equipment malfunctions or breaks down.
  • There are no inquiries like insurance companies make, and there is no paperwork.

Warranty Plans

Manufacturer Warranty

Extended Warranty

Completely Cashless


Free Pickup & Drop Services


Zero Paperwork


Repair or replacement Guarantee


Where to contact in case of problem

Here at Repair-my™
Here at Repair-my™

Coverage Period

1 Year
1+1 year

Where to Purchase

From the same point of purchase
Can be bought here

When To Purchase

Same day of device purchase
Within 9 months of purchasing your Mobile Phone
0/- Only

Note: Also, you understand that the device is brand new & purchased on or after 07-Jun-2023

Why Choose Us

When you need us, we are here.


The convenience of pick-up and drop-off, the convenience of tracking your repairs.

Doorstep Service

We at Repair-my ™ offer Pickup, Repair and Drop Service. Rethink 'repairing' by making it simpler.

Time Savings

We are here to save your time by picking up your mobile phone at your convenient time.

In warranty repair

We will provide you with all services in one facility because all phones.



They collect the defective units and send them to their main centre for repair. I have given my Google pixel phone 5A model. After preliminary evaluation,an approx. estimate was forwarded to me which was approved. They will take 7working days to complete the repair. I am waiting for it. Further details can be given after receiving the phone.

Tejas Pednekar

I highly recommend it to anyone in need of device repairs. Their professionalism, transparency, and top-notch customer care make them the go-to service center in town. I am grateful for their excellent service and will undoubtedly return if I ever need assistance again.

Ramakrishna Iyer

Good service people were prompt in responding and arrangement were to pick up andbdeliver back on the suggested day . Mr ramesh at the centre was of immense help and assistance tks ramakrishna iyer

Tushar Patel

Perfect place to repair your Pixel device, professional service, and proper chain is followed all the time. Just one piece of feedback, the time taken to repair the device was too long, if that can be cut down to 48-72 hours the service rocks.

Namrata Karmakar

Good service.. my pixel 2 had issues and they gave me an estimated cost of Rs.19,000/- approx. So obviously I rejected the quotation since I'd rather buy a new phone than repair an older one for such a hefty price. However, since I mentioned my reason in the remarks while rejecting the quotation, they called me and explained that I would be provided with a new assembled handset. This is basically like buying a new phone without the accessories. They claim it takes 7 working days but it took around 14 working days for me since some parts were not…

Sunil Maddila

Mobile was repaired and returned well before the promised time, with quality work and unambiguous service conditions.

Ramakrishnan Rajaram

Called up the Centre. Promptly attended and guided through the process. Immediate receipt of Repair form in an email. Immediately after I responded, I was informed about the courier pick-up, which was done the same day. Received the Quote and the payment link. Once I confirmed and paid, the repair was expeditiously taken up and the repaired phone was couriered back. Very professional and responsive. Should especially appreciate Mr. Ramesh for his Customer centric and professional approach. All queries were promptly answered and status updates were given. Overall a very pleasant experience.

Revathi Krishnan

Due to an accident, My pixel 2 phone screen cracked also the back panel got a little damaged due to the impact .... the display also went off ... we found about Google Pixel service center through some online search .. we called them n they arranged for a pickup amidst lockdown ... As the damage for quite a lot, the estimation came to rs 19000 but we're told it will be a newly assembled phone .. and true to their words... I did get a new assembled phone .. though it took time considering all this happened during peak…

Abhilash Dhaytadak

I had sent my device with a cracked screen from Pandharpur, district-Solapur & Received it back with the best service. Can't recognize my phone as it looks new one -L.- Thank you google pixel service center

Ajay Patil

My experience with this Service Center is a very good quick response and did a good job with my pixel-2x!

Karthik Kannan

The communication and the clarity regarding the process were explained clearly and I've been thoroughly satisfied with their service. A surely trustworthy service center.

Manas Deshpande

Went to the service center, and the guy informed me of the procedure for repair. He was very helpful. The phone was sent to the Google factory for repair, and I received it within 12 days in perfectly repaired condition. Meanwhile, I was constantly receiving updates over WhatsApp. Great service, satisfied with the support!

Working Hours

10:00 AM to 07:00 PM , Monday to Saturday. Sunday closed

* no walk-in available only Mail-in service available
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