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Restoration of Physical Damage Pixel Devices

Our cell phones have become an indispensable component of our daily lives. What if your pixel phone falls onto the road when you’re out for a walk? It’s possible that it’ll fall off the top while you’re cooking.

In the same way that we safeguard our bodies from harm, we must likewise protect our devices from harm. Nothing hurts more than seeing your favourite one plus mobile phone become scratched or worse, have a shattered screen.

Instead, We fix your mobile at your convenience when you schedule our service, our logistics partner will pick up your pixel mobile phone, and the Repair factory will inspect it to check the damage, and offer you an estimate for the repair service. Our professional team can repair the majority of the damages. If not, you are fortunate to have alternatives. Consider backing up your mobile data to the cloud or an external hard drive (if available) to guarantee that your harm is as little as possible.

You may also void your phone’s warranty if you damage it physically.

Consider these points:

  • Protect your Mobile with a protective case or bag.
  • Don’t throw your phone around carelessly.
  • You should not force the charger into the socket.
  • Don’t put your phone in your back or front shirt pockets.
  • You should avoid places that are excessively dusty or dirty.

LCD Damaged

Phone Bend

Broken Main board

Charging connector Damaged

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