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Google Pixel Water Damage Repair Service

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Water Logged Pixel Device? Yes we can attempt it

Have you dropped your Pixel phone in the water by accident? Have you ever been tossed into the water while holding your phone in your pocket? Were you at the beach or in a river when your phone got in the water? Did you accidentally put your phone through the washing machine while doing laundry? Is your phone a victim of an unfortunate but all-too-common occurrence in the restroom? Is your phone no longer operating properly as a result of this? Then think about the following choices for dealing with this minor mishap.

Seek expert aid. Most phones currently do not have removable parts, such as batteries, making them more difficult to dry out than they used to be.

When your phone gets water damaged, it’s tough not to panic. You are lucky in that there are choices for automatic backup to the cloud to ensure that your damage is as little as possible.

At Repair-my™ will really put effort to rescue and restore your water-harmed Google Pixel smartphone. We have been helping fix water-damaged smartphones for years and have the information and experience expected to take your Google Pixel smartphone back to its former self.

Charging connector liquid damaged

Liquid patches in display

Corrosion on Main Board

White Patches in LCD

Frequently asked questions

Yes, all devices which are repaired carry a total of a 3-month warranty which includes 30 days spares warranty and 90 days of service warranty and if your mobile is under a 1-year brand warranty that will be continued after repairs. All repairs are carried out by an authorized/partner service center.

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